Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Access Point’s courses over other digital resources?
How can Access Point assist me with creating a supportive network within my community?
One of the main goals of Access Point is maximizing the accessibility of information. Small business owners can communicate with one another through our platform and work towards the shared goal of a supportive community in which everyone thrives.
How will Access Point help me legitimize and expand my current business?
Our catalog of free courses includes lessons on tax preparedness, introductions to bookkeeping, paycheck protection program, marketing strategies, taking your business online with social media and websites. Our team is experienced with the rules and regulations of the area so you’ll never have to worry about compliance issues.
What is a Main Street Program?
Main Street Programs are powerful and unique collaborations between grassroots organizers aiming to improve quality of life in local communities along with city, county, state level programs, and the National Main Street Center. The focus of these programs is transforming and revitalizing local communities while preserving the unique culture and history.
Is Access Point a government agency?
Nope! While Access Point receives various government and non-profit funding, our organization is not affiliated with any government agency or entity.
I’m a small business owner outside of the DC area, are there courses that would still be applicable to me?
Our free courses cover leases, online marketing, social media, Quickbooks and more. Key information for every small business.
I’m already familiar with District Bridges, how does Access Point differ?
District Bridges and Access Point work together in an ebb and flow as your business grows and changes, though their approach may differentiate. District Bridges is a great hands-on resource for building and planning the foundations of a business, while Access Point is geared towards growing already existing businesses. Access Point offers free courses and resources without the hand-holding, so you can set the pace to fit your own schedule.
How long are course videos?
Courses vary in time lengths based on class format and the difficulty of the lesson’s content. The good news is that you can save your progress as you go–incomplete courses will still be there when you have the time to complete them.