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Providing you with the resources needed to run a successful business through positive community impact and trust.

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Navigate your business into compliance with DC’s complicated rules and regulations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A place to answer all general Access Point queries.

Why choose Access Point’s courses over other digital resources?

Our courses provide detailed explanations of the tedious and nuanced regulations specific to DC. Other online resources may not cover all of the rules, but Access Point’s courses have been tailored to focus specifically on what is relevant to the DC business owner.

How can Access Point assist me with creating a supportive network within my community?

Access Point strives to maximize the accessibility of information. Small business owners can communicate with one another through our platform and work towards the shared goal of a supportive community in which everyone thrives.

How will Access Point help me legitimize and expand my current business?

Our courses cover the rules and regulations of the area so you’ll never have to worry about compliance issues. Tax preparedness, introductions to bookkeeping, Paycheck Protection Program, and more, we have you covered.

Is Access Point a government agency?

Nope! While Access Point receives various government and non-profit funding, our organization is not affiliated with any government agency or entity.

I’m a small business owner outside of the DC area, are there courses that would still be applicable to me?

Our free courses cover leases, online marketing, social media, Quickbooks and more. Key information for every small business.

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