Cohort 1

DC Inclusive Skills-Based Hiring Pilot Cohort Intake Form

For each position please answer the following:

Full time or part time
Salary/ Hourly wage

Sign the Business Participant Agreement

FY23 Talent Development Technical Assistance Business Participant Stipend Agreement                           

STIPEND AMOUNT:                     $4,000 

District Bridges and the Business Participant are entering into this Agreement to establish the terms of the FY23 Talent Development Technical Assistance Business Participant Stipend Agreement. The total stipend amount under this agreement shall not exceed $4,000. In the execution of this agreement, the business participant agrees to complete the following requirements and understands that the stipend payment is contingent upon the completion of all requirements outlined below.

  1.  Business Participant Requirements:
  • You must create a free Access Point account and complete the intake form.
  • You must complete the 2 online courses on Access Point (25 minutes each, you can

complete them on your own time)

  • You must attend ALL of the following trainings:

1. One of the virtual kick-off meeting 

2. The in-person training on August 14th, 2023

3. One of the virtual feedback sessions

  • The same person representing your business must complete the 2 online courses and attend all 3 trainings.
  1. PAYMENT: The Business Participant can invoice for the stipend of $4,000 upon the completion of the last feedback session. District Bridges agrees to send payments by check or Electronic Funds Transfer to the participant within 60 business days of receiving the invoice and signed W-9 IRS Form.

Payment will be made to the legal name of the participant’s business. The participant must submit a completed and signed W-9 IRS Form to receive any payment; a blank form is available online at

  1. INDEMNIFICATION: The Subgrantee agrees to defend and hold harmless District Bridges and its officers and employees from and against any claim, including the expenses of investigation and defense of such claim, arising out of or in any way connected with this stipend or the expenditure of stipend funds.
  1. LIMITATIONS: This Agreement constitutes the entire understanding and agreement between District Bridges and the Subgrantee and incorporates and supersedes any previous agreements or negotiations, whether oral or written. Nothing herein shall be construed to create an employer- employee relationship between District Bridges and the Subgrantee. This Agreement shall extend to and be binding upon the Grantee, its successors and assigns and all persons claiming under or through the Subgrantee business. The designation of “Subgrantee” shall include all persons liable for the return or repayment of any indebtedness or any part thereof, whether or not such persons have executed this Agreement. 

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